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Democrats in Dumb-Dumb Land!

Looks like the New York Times is blowing its wad on trying to down John McCain's run for the White House - eight months before the November elections.

NYT quotes those "unnamed sources" as saying many advisors felt he was too close to one lobbyist in particular, fearing even a romantic relationship, and exchanging favors for this lobbyist.

In a classic NYT move, the New York Times never talked directly to the candidate, but they did submit questions, which McCain said were fully answered - and were fully rejected by the Times.

The Dumb-Dumb Democrats part: John McCain has been having trouble solidifying his conservative base of the Republican party.

I cannot think of anything that would help to hasten the coalescing of the Republican Party than a prominent Republican running for president being attacked by the Democrat liberal-leaning New York Times.

John McCain said the allegations are absolutely false. Do Republicans believe a former Vietnam POW or the New York Times?

You're beginning to see how simple this is for Republicans.