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Thank you environMENTALists!

Shoppers warned bigger bills on way
By Javier Blas
Published: February 24 2008 22:02

When William Lapp, of US-based consultancy Advanced Economic Solutions, took the podium at the annual US Department of Agriculture conference, the sentiment was already bullish for agricultural commodities boosted by demand from the biofuels industry and emerging countries.

He added a twist -
that rising agricultural raw material prices would translate this year into sharply higher food inflation.

Another words, since the subsidising of biofuels entered into the picture, the demand for certain crops has gone up. Prices for these crops, mostly corn, go up. More expense to feed livestock we depend on for food. The price is passed on to the consumers.

And there's the rub - it takes almost a gallon and a quarter of oil to make a gallon of biofuel.

Eat Up America! :-)