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Primary Election Day 2008 ...

It's raining here in northeast Ohio, and it promises to be a not so good day in Cleveland for the election. Right now it's raining, flood warnings overnight, but the rain will change into a "wintry mix" with temps in the 30's.

I'm working as a Polling Location Coordinator tomorrow. Actually we set up some stuff tonight which isn't too bad. We are short two workers at our polling location already.

An election is not a nice process. An election is sort of like the equivalent of making sausage - don't ask. Plus you add to the fact that nobody in this county can stick to a voting procedure from one election to the next, and it can get confusing.

Dennis Kucinich is on the primary ballot but there is a question mark whether he can survive tomorrow's Democrat Congressional primary. With 4 Democrat challengers, and one of them having a small chance of beating him, it could be curtains for Dennis.