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Giving Us Gas!

Truckers may have a point about rising diesel prices. A little research shows that gasoline and diesel are taxed at different rates.

The national fed tax on gasoline is 18.4 cent a gallon, but diesel fuel is fed taxed at 24.4 cents a gallon. The rest of the money is state taxes.

Truckers should try to avoid California and most of the Great Lakes. California fed and state tax equals 72 cents per gallon. California, Michigan, Washington, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Indiana, and Hawaii, are all above the national average. Alaska is the lowest followed by Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Kentucky.

Two things are going to be happening. Either food prices will sky-rocket or truckers will not truck anything since it will be too expensive.

Our energy policy of not drilling for oil, not exploring for energy in our own backyard, is biting us in the butt. We have not had new refinery built in 20 years. We haven't had a new nuclear plant in 30 years and cannot drill for oil in ANWAR or even get natural gas from Lake Erie.

Leftist politically-correct Canada can drill for natural gas on their side of the Great Lakes and extract oil from their sand and shale deposits but for some left-leaning politically-correct Democrat reason the United States cannot. Our national energy policy relies on biofuels for energy (LOL) - which is driving up the price of whole grains. A gallon of biofuel uses 3 to 4 gallons of water to make (according The Weather Channel), and takes a gallon and a quarter of oil to make. So much for getting off our dependence on oil!

For fast relief, let's cut or eliminate the taxes on diesel fuel. Whether we like it or not, trucks do move the country, and even if an alternative energy is found for cars, that will not translate to alternative fuels for all trucks anytime soon.

Soon we might have the choice of eating very expensive food and putting truckers out of work, or eating our politically correct florescent light bulbs for food. To Algore and all the other psuedo-environmentalists out there, Bon appetite! And thank you for screwing our country over.