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Damn The Environment! Full Speed Ahead!

Just saw another damned news special on CNBC about how Canada is extracting oil from sand - and selling it to us! The process is expensive in the frozen land of Alberta but with oil over $110 a barrel it has become a moneymaker. In fact SunCorp started their original investments in the early 1990's when oil was $10 a barrel (the good old days). This sand-oil deposit rivals Saudi Arabia's deposits and has edged Canada to the USA's number one importer of foreign oil.

Down here in the USA, Colorado's governor is looking at another deposit - of shale oil. Apparently shale becomes oil - after millions of years - but there is a process to slightly speed that up. Shell Oil has invested nearly $200 million in the process and sees promise in providing almost a third of our current oil supply.

Which brings us to our terrorists. Not the foreign-born ones but the home-made ones. The Environmentalists.

You know them: Can't drill in little old ANWAR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), can't dig for clean coal, can't drill for oil off our shores, can't build nuclear power plants, can't drill for natural gas in the Great Lakes (but Canada can!), can't even put windmills off the shoreline (because they don't look pretty).

I only know of ONE environmentalist who even follows his own environmental dogma - actor Ed Begley, Jr., and maybe add the late actor Dennis Weaver who once made a mountainside rustic home out of used car tires.

Algore has a heated swimming pool, plus a private jet which he used to campaign all around the world for his Nobel Peace prize (oh yes, people campaign for that prize). The only word we get from Algore about what he is doing personally about the environment is that he's buying carbon credits - coincidentally from his own foundation - and if you question his good intentions, you are a global warming denier.

The current Edison light bulb will be legislated out of existence within the next few years. Ohio legislatures want to mandate energy companies to use renewable sources. Yet, the ones who do the most screaming about the environment and global warming are the ones who usually do the least. Why aren't they driving the electric cars? Why aren't they changing their light bulbs? Why aren't the celebrities and politicians turning their homes and work places into renewable energy utopias?

Am I saying we should rape and pillage the Earth as an alternative? No. We, the United States of America, have come a long way and we can harness and mine energy safer than we have in the past. And the USA is always at the forefront of environmental protection, especially compared with other countries.

Every time liberalism enters the picture, it ends up being an unhappy ending. Government-subsidized biofuels not only eat oil in the manufacturing process but have driven the price of whole grains up were you have little riots in Haiti and Pakistan. They're even recommending people switch to eating potatoes because they're easier to grow than grains.

When you mix liberalism with anything you get a big mess. When you mix liberalism with the environment, Algore gets the adoration and the gold mine, and YOU get the shaft.

Let's do renewable energy because we want to be strategically independent, we want to do it for ourselves, don't do it for global warming that we are probably not creating. [The Earth is a lot more sturdier than you give it credit for.] Don't make "renewable energy" our only source of hope. Don't tie our hands.

And would somebody please punch a global warming alarmist in the face, especially one that drives their Hummer to work during rush hour.