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Hunger Pains: Is Your Fave Restaurant Next?

Glenn Beck pointed out a Wall Street Journal article that restaurants are feeling the squeeze of higher food prices, declining customer base, and the minimum wage increase.

We know that prices are none too good when we go to the supermarket, so you can imagine the pressure restaurants are having. Your one morning egg and toast is just one of millions served at our country's restaurants.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Your friendly neighborhood Congressional Democrats raised the minimum wage! Currently the federal minimum wage is $5.85 per hour - that wage will go up in July to $6.55 per hour - a 12 percent increase in most states. And we are even not talking about the Social Security tax that employers pay to match the employees FICA tax.

It seems like the only ones who benefit from the Democrats' minimum wage raise is the government - again. You think with all these pressures restaurant employers have they are going to hang on to every employee? Or even hang on themselves?

With your upcoming little tax rebate coming up next May, you may want to consider loading up the pantry, or at least starting one.

But don't worry. Democrats have a really great plan for America - blame everything on evil greedy corporations. Thank God we have such a**holes in Congress.