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Me Again! :-)

Mikey is in town but I'm working 12-hours today and probably won't see him again until tomorrow.

It has been a fairly busy week. I did go to the Equality Ohio Lobby Day. The one Ohio state House Democrat in my district did not show up. Since we had this Lobby Day the past three years we only saw him once - the first time. Our first group the first year might have scared him away - a male to female transgendered, a female high school punk rocker, and a gay Republican. There's a good bar joke in their some place.

Anywho, gays this year have an actual bill before both Ohio's House and Senate for equal housing and employment. Will still have to continue lobbying to get the bills passed since it's still uncertain that even some Democrats may vote for it.

Had Dennis Kucinich's opponent at our meeting, Jim Trakas. He's been at our meeting previous years, and he definitely thinks its time for a change. Dennis is just too Hollywood, quixotic about running for president, and somewhat non-plus about Cleveland.

We asked Trakas if he would mind a Log Cabin Republican endorsement and he said he wouldn't mind our endorsement. LCR endorsements for US Congress go through our national LCR Board of Directors but they rely heavily on local recommendations. Trakas is not so great on gay issues and Dennis is rated 100 by HRC, but Dennis is so toxic to northeast Ohio. Kucinich fiddles while Cleveland crumbles. Dennis has to leave! Period.

This might be Cleveland's best shot in years to unseat Dennis. Trakas figures if he can make the $100,000 mark by June 30th, he'll start attracting the serious money. I'll contribute a little money next month when I should get a little extra money.

I'd be dangerous if I ever won the lottery. ;-)