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What a fun weekend! :-P

My pal Mikey hit a bird this weekend while driving. The poor thing got stuck in the grill! But since he had his nephews over, they decided to give the bird a (somewhat) proper burial.

I promised not to show the video of the bird funeral but I do have pictures of the victim and its burial site.

This is the victim:

And this is the burial site, with marker:

On top of that Mikey's Mom backs out of the driveway - and runs into my car (no photos of that, yet). The car's back right door does look concave and has a litte bit of a long small scratch. It's probably under my deductible of $500 though and not really worth reporting. I probably won't have money to fix it until July. That's the way it is.

Back to work and looking forward to training a new employee. I think I have most of the Memorial Day weekend off which means I see my family this coming weekend. :-P