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The weekend. The past weekend.

Kind of late but I had a semi-busy Memorial Day weekend. Did a couple of hours of door to door campaigning in Parma Saturday for Jim Trakas, who is running against Dennis Kucinich for Congress this year.

On Sunday, went to see the Chagrin Falls Blossom Time Parade that went thru the heart of the city. It took a good hour and a half for the parade to end! Luckily, a member of the local Republican Party lives there, so many many people were able to view the parade from there. Actually, the whole parade route was like one big long house party. I took a few photos and video but God only knows when I'll publish them. My right bottom half of my leg was just sore all weekend though, making me limp a little. However, it was perfect weather both days.

Got a new employee I'm training at work. The position is to replace a co-worker we lost. I'm not the biggest fan of doing employee training but I guess it has to get done. He'll be going on second shift, so how long he'll be working on first shift is mystery. I still have to work weekends on and off.

Might submit more vacation time request this year. I earned enough PTO time. I was taking off for political reasons (it's an election year, got to do some stuff now and then) but lately I feel I could just use some time away from the job.