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Windfall profits tax = lower gas prices?

Democrauts in the US Senate are debating their energy policy today which includes not only repealing the tax breaks we gave the oil companies for energy exploration, but also a windfall profits tax on oil companies. Pundits say it has no chance of passing - this session of Congress anyway.

Nobody has told me or the American people how a windfall profits tax on the oil companies lowers gasoline prices.

As a matter of fact, nobody has told the American people how the Democrat Party's policy of micromanaging the economy will help anybody or any business. How does not exploring for our own energy make us more independent? Why do Democrats tell us to do "global warming" things when they themselves individually and collectively won't get off their butts and do their part against global warming?

And BTW - whatever happen to the ENDA, or the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell?

I know. Elect Democrats. And wait till next year.

And the year after that year...

And the year after that year...

And the year after that year...