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Libertarians Suck!

Sore loser and former GOP candidate Ron Paul is planning his own convention during the Republican National Convention in early September, just down the street from the Xcel Energy Center.

Paul's campaign thinks they can get 11,000 "Paul-ettes" to his convention even though Paul has 35 delegates to the GOP convention and refuses to endorse McCain for president.

Libertarians: all show and no horse. I don't care if there is 11,000 or 11 million Paul-ettes at Ron Paul's convention. When people need the Libertarians most, when there is legislation on the US House or Senate floor where Democrats think the only solution to life's problem's is a government program, the Libertarians are always a no-show. The Democrats can propose sending all Libertarains to prison camp and the irony would totally escape them.

Ron Paul and the Paul-ettes can showboat on the news all they want to. Libertarians are failures and no-shows when it comes to the legislative process. Libertarians better get their act together before the whole country goes 1984 when Barack Hussein Obama gets in.