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Windfall Profit

Barack Hussein Obama has decided to opt out of the public funding for presidential campaigns. He would have gotten $85 million in public dollars (that little checkmark on your IRS tax form for presidential elections). Obama is the first candidate to opt out of the general election funding for presidential candidates since the system was in place in the 1970's.

Barack's excuse is that the system is broken and it needs to be fixed, and he's not going to particiapte in the system until it is fixed. I think most people call this excuse Bullsh*t! And this is from the same party that use to love campaign finance reform? I guess we won't see this issue on the Democrat Party platform in August.

Barack will probably outdo McCain in funding now, in multiples of the $85 million McCain will get in public funding. Wouldn't that make the Barack campaign a windfall?

Shouldn't we charge Obama with a windfall profit tax, since he is getting a windfall and would profit greatly from it? Tax anything above $85 million?

We can put the tax to subsidizing in federal public financing of campaigns, investing in new voting machines in every precinct in America. Education and re-education in public voting.

That would be the fair thing to do.