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Cleveland had their Gay Pride Festival at Voinovich Park, right on the shore of Lake Erie. The day was - interesting...

First, our Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland set up booth at our assigned area for the Festival. Our table was assigned right next to DENNIS! - the Dennis Kucinich table. But for some reason after we arrived, the Dennis! table 'had' to move. Maybe they were too close to the shoreline (we were slightly closer), maybe they were too far away from the entrance of the Festival, or wanted to be closer to the Messiah Obama booth.

But I like to think the "open-minded" Dennis group left because they did not want to be next to the Log Cabin Republicans.
The Dennis Kucinich team fleeing the scene!

Our Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland table did get about half dozen anti-social Democrats that wanted to pick a fight and lecture us more than debate. The most famous coming to our table screeching was Lakewood Ohio's out lesbian council-at-large Nicki Antonio. I forgot how it ended but some people near my table didn't want to be around me and her royal vapidness.

I got into an argument with completely different woman and I finally told her I'm not for socialism and nationalizing - which oddly enough she did not have a response to that part of the arguments. Plus I don't think she liked the idea of me pointing out the Democrat-controlled Congress in power since Jan 2007 has done NOTHING for LGBTs, especially on Don't Ask Don't Tell, which they might have a hearing on by the end of the year.

Actually, my straight Republican friend at our table, Michelle, does alot better debating than I do. I'm just too flustered debating Democrats, go dry, and want to ring Democrat neck. BTW - LCR had three Republican straights at our table helping that day, all there to help me out.

But the day wasn't over yet: A bigger storm was on the horizon, literally.

The skies were generally a little darker over the lake so I thought the storms would stay on the lake. Before 5 pm we got struck with very high winds.

Joe, Michelle, Patrick and Robert try to save our little fort. This video was before it got really bad.

With a few minutes after this video a wall of rain came with gale force winds. We tried our best to save our little site hoping it would be a brief storm but the wind was too strong and the storm had no intention of ending; it even bent our canopy frame. We had to very quickly take down the canopy and fold the frame up except for the legs and leave it behind a cement wall at the park, unpacked with its container - then run! The guys have already put anything on our table into my box, so getting out of there was the no-brainer.

But I stayed behind under one of the bigger tents but the storms wouldn't let up. The tent wasn't much protection either since people were getting wet. Umbrellas were useless. Heavy rain and gale force winds had to last for at least 40 more minutes. It was still raining heavily after that but I decided to make a run for the parking garage pushing my little cart with my items up the hill, the parking garage about 1/4 mile away. Soaked.

Needless to say, that was the end of Cleveland's Gay Pride Festival.

I stayed in my car in the parking garage for almost an hour with the storm still blowing high winds and rain. I was hoping the storm would die down. It was still raining when I left the garage but the umbrella was a little bit handier now. Parked next to the entrance of the Voinovich Park. Luckily my canopy was right were we left it. By the time I got to the canopy it stopped raining. By the time I left all packed, sunshine was on the horizon.

I still have a wet canopy in my car trunk that needs airing out - if it ever stops raining in Cleveland.

The moral of the story:

See what happens when you don't treat Gay Republicans right at Gay Pride Festivals.

God is on our side! :-)


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Jun. 23rd, 2008 10:48 am (UTC)
I think Dennis People's problem was the fact we had on our Trakas shirts.They knew they couldnt win that debate
Jun. 24th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Pride
Dennis is just - CHICKEN!
( 2 conspiracy theories — Conspire Here! )