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I don't go out to see movies too much anymore. I guess I'm hitting that certain age where you seen one movie you've seen them all - why rush? I do rent or borrow DVDs though.

I did see SHELTER on DVD, a nice little gay romantic story that I do recommend, good movie. I guess you can call it a gay "date movie", see it with your boyfriend.

Also saw CHILDREN OF MEN, a world in 2027 that has completely collapsed because nobody is producing children anymore. No children, no future. One man gets dragged into helping a miracle lone pregnant woman to sanctuary. Photography gives the movie a real, gritty look to the picture.

Somebody gave me a DVD of CLOVERFIELD which I'll watch later. I also seen BOY CULTURE which I think was a smart gay movie. And yes, that is his real tongue.

I'll probably go see the new BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT since I did like the first on with Christian Bale. And it does have a built-in buzz since Heath Ledger is said to give a good performance.