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Re-elect Democrats? You're Joking.

A recent RASMUSSEN poll shows the Democrat-controlled Congress at 9% approval rating, the lowest rating for a Congress ever. Among Democrats it's 13% approval, and among Independents it's a 3% approval rating.

Democrats have NOT been the party of solutions; they have been the party of hate and retribution. They want to punish the oil companies with a windfall profit tax. Punish the telecomm companies for helping to fight terrorism. Punish the rich because everybody knows they stole their wealth. Punish the Iraqis by ignoring them and wishing they would just go away. Punish the American driver who selfishly wants to able to go anywhere, any time they want to.

And where in the world is our ENDA legislation? We didn't even get a hearing on "Don't Ask Don't Tell", a policy put in by a Democrat Congress and president.

And Iraq - talk about cave-in! The Democrats ran on that as their top priority - and then gave in to everything Bush wanted!

Ignoring the wishes of the American people and criminalizing the actvities of those who don't follow the Democrat dogma is going to get Democrats into Congress?

I hope in November the voters tell the Democrat Party that our country is the United States of America, not the Soviet Union.