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Culture of Corruption - Continues - AGAIN!

The big news in the Cleveland Ohio area is the FBI and IRS raided of offices and homes of two big time DEMOCRAT politicians in our Cuyahoga County.

Subjects of the raids in Cuyahoga County were the county auditor Frank Russo, and one of our county commissioners Jimmy Dimora, who is also the chairman of the Democrat Party of Cuyahoga County.

FBI and IRS agents carry personal items out of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimoras home to a U-Haul.
And yes, that is a U-Haul at the house of the county commissioner. And it looks like the FBI is helping Dimora move boxes and his computer. Ain't that nice of them?

FBI and IRS also raided the home of the county's Information Technology Administrator Kevin Kelley, who works for the county auditor. Also in the raid was the county Engineer's office, and four construction and consulting firms in greater Cleveland, one of them being Vincore LLC - which is run by the son of the county auditor.

FBI and IRS search county building in corruption investigation

I'm sure there will be more details in the morning paper tomorrow. In the meantime, keep voting Democrat, especially in northeast Ohio - you blooming idiots!