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God works in mysterious ways...

You haven't heard from me lately since I have been seeing another girl, as they say. More on that later...

I've been doing volunteer work for the local GOP since the '100 days before the election' mark (it's 89 days before the election today). Did phone bank a couple of afternoons and today went to volunteer at the GOP table at the Cuyahoga County Fair today. And you'll never guess who I met? My friend Mikey's Mom!

Our Lady of the Rosary
She was stationed right next to the GOP table, Our Lady of the Rosary, giving little crosses to the little kids, and Rosary to the interested. Mikey's Mom treated me to a BBQ pork sandwich and a diet coke. Parking at the fair is free - and that's the last thing that's free, as far as food. You can pay $3 for a small Pepsi at the Fair!

I got a plastic rosary and a brochure for prayers for the rosary. A good source says I'll be having a quiz on it later. I sent a picture of Mikey's Mom to Mikey via cell phone - I think he got it.

I was only at the GOP table for 4 hours; it was mostly slow with little traffic. Since the day was mostly sunny and not too oppressive heat, many people opted for outside activities. I handed out JIM TRAKAS FOR CONGRESS info cards to passersby, and Sutherland for County Commissioner refrigerator magnets.

Took a look around after my shift. The Democrats were at the pavilion next to us, including a Dennis Kucinich booth. Despite that, many people in the pavilion gave a thumbs-up to the message on my T-shirt, especially in light of all the scandals the Democrat Party has in our local Cuyahoaga County.

Go back to work tomorrow and work the weekend. Not too happy with work lately. It's a pain to be there anymore. :-P