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Welcome Hillary Voters (Part Deux)

Sarah Palin, John McCain's pick for VP, is under attack already from Obama - saying she is not qualified or experienced for the office.

Everybody has missed Barack Hussein Obama's long list of achievements while he was mayor of Chicago and governor of Illinois. With the Obama camp saying that Palin has "zero" experience, it makes people go back to wonder what qualifications Obama has for the job of president, if any. Ironically, the VP pick of one party is being compared to the presidential pick of the other party.

Practically, as far as the yute and inexperience argument, I'm sure many voters will see it as a wash for both Obama and McCain camps. I still give Palin the upper hand since she did take on her state party when she had to, and she did at least have experience as an executive mayor before becoming governor. Nobody is ever going to accuse Obama of taking on and CHANGING the Democrat party in Chicago or Illinois, or being the head of any government organization.

We Republicans welcome Hillary voters and Democrat women who finally get to see the long knives of the Democrat Party when it comes to women and the glass ceiling. The Democrat Party is sort of like Animal Farm: all women (gays, blacks, etc.) are equal, it's that some are more equal than others.

Thus the elitism of the Democrat party.

One candidate did put a woman on the presidential ticket. The other candidate had a great chance to put a woman on the ticket as VP for a change, and chose not to. Remember that when you vote on election day.


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Aug. 30th, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Obama was never one I had alot of faith in but hes really screwed up and its beyond fixing, I feel. On the other hand, McCain seems a little insane. It seems like another election where whoever wins...it wont be us.

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