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Caught in their own web...

US WEEKLY is having a hit piece this weekend on Palin (the publisher is a staunch Obama backer).

This one TV morning show was talking about the article, and believe it or not the interviewer actually read the article (who in the news media reads an article before questioning an editor or author?)

The mag's cover headline is called Sex, Lies, and Babies looks like an attack on Palin, but USWeekly insists it's a "balance" article about the bloggers who got it wrong, spreading rumors her daughters baby was actually hers, or something like that. It's from the a**holes on the American Left, what do I care what they say?

Anyhow, The interviewer asks about the accusation that Palin's husband had a drunk driver arrest. What the article failed to mention is the arrest was 22 years ago.

Also the article mentioned Palin is under investigation for firing her sister's ex-husband as a state trooper. What USW failed to mention is the trooper is under investigation for tasering his 10-year old son.

When they asked the writer why these things are not in the article, US Weekly came up with a classic line:

We didn't have time to get to it.

If I can find the video I'll put it up.

Also The National Enquirer will have a hit piece too - but don't worry about veracity - the National Enquirer uses only the finest unnamed sources in their article.