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Don't Get Me Started!

In my continuing series of "Dale, why do think Democrats are a**holes?" ...

Looks like somebody or some group hacked into one of Sarah Palin's private email accounts, publishing not only screen prints of her account and emails but also personal family photos, contacts from her address book along with email addresses, phone numbers, even publishing voice mail from Palin's daughter Bristol.

The Secret Service and the FBI are investigating. The website that published all this stuff I'm not even going to point to. Only the most vicious of attacks on Palin and McCain are published on this website. Contrary viewpoints are not allowed.

Of course, the "balanced" press is wondering if any of the emails should have been on the governor's official email account in the first place. Nice outrage guys!

You got to imagine how you would feel if somebody broke into your email account. Sure, you might not have anything embarrassing, but it's still unnerving. This case of Sarah Palin is unnerving because it was maliciously done to bring down a politician, one that Barack Obama does not have the guts to do publicly himself. Barack Hussein Obama wants a cake walk during this election. He is not going to get one.

Change? Hope? Unity? You got be joking. There will always be a vast group of people who will not cave in to the thug tactics of Obama supporters.


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Sep. 18th, 2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
I agree 100%, by the way my names Lawrence. I just friended you a could of days ago, since we have some mutual interests.
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