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A look into my crystal ball...

CNBC is not happy that the current financial situation was not addressed in the debate. What about the banks? What about a stimulus package in a lame-duck Congress? What about the new Lord over our lives the US Treasury Department? Thanks, Bob!

I'm asking: what happens when a new Treasury Secretary that has almost absolute power over our financial system meets up with a Know-It-All Messiah for president? Is there any place for the American people to hide their money - or just plain old hide from the New Politiburo?

What Obama fails to announce is that he is not only giving a tax cut but a refundable tax credit, which means cutting a check for those who do not pay federal taxes. Which I'm against. Give tax relief to people who pay taxes, please.

"40 years ago when Obama was 8 years old...": what a broken record! BTW - Obama has given money, up to $800,000, during this current election cycle to one of the umbrella organizations of ACORN. ACORN is under investigation is an increasing number of states, at least 12 states so far, whether those state's secretary of state like it or not.

Obama has a few problems. Obama's legislative record shows lack of achievement. You cannot vote PRESENT when you are president of the United States of America. Obama has very few instances of reaching across the aisle. Obama has not been known to cross his party when he thinks they are wrong, nor has he challenged them directly to be better for the people in the local community in Chicago or in his state.

I believe Obama will be a weak president. Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are already measuring drapes - for the White House. Both have already stated they will hold a lame-duck session after the election and maybe pass another stimulus package - and it didn't sound like anything Barack Hussein Obama has proposed. Send me another one-time stimulus check, please?

We can look forward to an Obama administration to make economic life worse, not better. Dividend taxes, capital gains, and corporate tax will go up in an Obama administration. No country in the history of the world has ever taxed itself into prosperity, nor spread the wealth in this fashion.

And the gay community? I guess the gay community will do what they always do: take a seat in the back of the bus and enjoy the ride - and of course not say anything about those annoying gay rights while The Messiah is driving the bus. Gay America can look forward to being held hostage by LGBT Democrats and the Obama administration for 4 or 8 years - or longer if the Democrats declare marshall law. ;-)