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ObamaNation #3

  • WTF?

    Obama Vows To Create A "Civilian National Security Force". What the hell does that mean? We have the National Guard, fire, police, EMS, volunteer forces. Why do need one for? Maybe Obama needs it for something like this... (click here).

    I know, I know, I'm questioning the great Messiah!

  • Supporter: I Won't Have To Worry About Gas, Mortgage During Obama Presidency!

    We're in f*cking trouble as a nation, aren't we?

  • While I'm swearing...
    First, it was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Now comes word that VP nominee Joe Biden promises a bipartisan spirit in White House.

    I think word BULLSH*T! comes to mind.

  • "We are our brother's keeper."

    Obama's half-brother lives in shack in Kenya on $12 a year. Obama's aunt who was "affectionately described" in Obama's book Dreams from My Father - lives in slum in Boston.

    If this is Obama's idea of taking care of people, I have one message: DON'T TAKE CARE OF ME!

  • If Obama gets elected we can look forward to the gay community being thrown under the bus by LGBT Democrats as they praise the Messiah Obama and the Democrat-control Congress, so much that it's stifling. After all, we don't want to embarass Democrats with those "gay-friendly" votes on ENDA and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, do we?

    Next June 2009 will be the 40th annivesary of the Stonewall Riots, and I predict not one "gay-friendly" Democrat will go on the offense in Congress or the White House for us. That's the biggest shame and will be the biggest failure of the gay rights movement.

    And we'll let them get away with it.