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The Upcoming Thugocracy

It's amazing how in span just short of a year how we went from a democracy to a "thug-ocracy". For example, many states are looking at VMT tax, vehicle miles traveled, as a replacement or supplement to gas tax. Of course, the state will make you have some type of monitor on your car that transmits miles info to the state. It will help fight against global warming which an increasing amount of Americans think is a scam.

In our upcoming thugocracy, we'll have "Cap-And-Trade", trading pollution points like baseball cards, another thugocrary scam to rival Wall Street scandals. And they're just scratching the surface of universal healthcare. House Democrats will allow children healthcare for poor families making up to $65,000 yearly. Goodbye Mom and Dad, Hello Big Brother.

Universal healthcare will also lead to universal ID cards - everything about your health on one Smartcard. Maybe even on one central federal database. The very same people who cried about our rights being taken away by the Patriot Act have no problem with the anal probe in Democrat hands.

The only thing that will be missing from the upcoming Democrat thugocracy is the number of The Beast where everybody will have to carry "the number" to do business. Don't worry. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are working on that legislation also.