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Instant Tax Relief Now, Please!

If President Obama wants tax relief now he can do it with the stroke of a pen (FAT CHANCE, the Dems are always too greedy.)

I forgot which president done it, maybe Reagan or Bush 41, signed an executive order to reconfigure the fed tax withholding LOWER to take less out of your paycheck each week. (Of course your tax obligation will stay the same - changing that will take an act of Congress.)

When you hear that the average tax refund is up to $2400, dividing that up between 26 pay periods provides alot of wiggle room for an immediate tax break and immediate infusion into the economy.

The current $500 - $1000 in the "porkulus" stimulus package being planned now will be in the form of a withholding tax reduction each paycheck anyway, not a government check. Might as well do it now.