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Progressive Liberalism - On the March!

Lead law prohibits sale of youth dirt bikes, ATVs

According to information published in the New York Times' blog "Wheels", industry advocates say there is enough lead in brake parts, battery terminals and other internal components in these specific youth motorcycles and all-terrain vehicle models to warrant a withdrawal from the market under new government guidelines.

In response to the law and after failing to achieve an emergency stay filed by a group that included the Motorcycle Industry Council to delay implementation of the law on Feb. 5, major manufactures such as Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki sent corporate directive letters to dealerships for immediate withdrawal of bikes and ATVs specially designed for youth 12 and under.

"The vehicles are stored away, and if a parent comes in to buy one, I can't sell it. And if they've already bought (a youth model) and need parts for it, I can't sell them any," said Atlas Honda of Bristol, Va., manager Dwayne Leonard, describing the double-whammy the dealership faces.