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The new federal budget for the new dictatorship that will all be under.

President Obama's and the Democrat Party's federal budget does nothing to empower the people of the United States. $3.6 trillion dollars does not empower people - it empowers the federal government and makes people dependent on the state for their needs. Uncle Sam now becomes Santa Claus to alot of Generation "Duh!" Obama voters who would give away their rights and their freedoms for a few pieces of silver.

Obama beats the best of any president when it comes to deficit spending, including George W Bush. Do you realize that the $1.75 trillion deficit in this budget is equal to the federal budget spending in 2000?

We will need to sell alot of Treasury bills to finance our brand new socialist society. Sure, we can tax the wealthy all we want but in no way can it ever make up for the trillion dollar deficits coming. I'm sure many of the rich will be planning on how to beat the tax hikes in 2011. And you think China is going to buy all our debt just because we are their biggest customer? If you think this year is interesting, wait until 2011.

I'm trying to figure out why Obama is talking down the economy. We don't hear any of that hope or change in his voice like we did in the election. The reason is simple: Obama and the Democrat Party want to have a dependent class that will have no choice but to vote Democrat. When you're hooked on heroin from the federal government's breast, how do you wean yourself off of it?

And we are not even talking about the other shoes to fall - the nationalization of banks, and the nationalization of health care. And believe me, they are not going to be cheap, I don't care what Generation Duh! says.

The government to provide college education for all. If you want to make college affordable, how about not making it so expensive! There's is no reason whatsoever that tuition should go up 3 times the rate of inflation every year.

Believe me, I've been around long enough to know that what Obama and the Democrats offer are not bold new ideas. They are bold OLD ideas, socialist ideas - on steroids.

And the gay Democrats are worst of all. We might be getting gay rights, maybe, MAYBE - if the gay Democrats ever get off their ass this time and use a cattle prod on the Democrat Party (don't hold your breath).

But at what cost gay rights? What gain is there to gay rights if Americans lose everything else?