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Overturning Prop 8 (Supporters)

I have to part with all my gay colleagues on the Prop 8 challenge in the California Supreme Court. I do not think it should be overturned by the Courts.

I agree with Ken Starr that it would be a miscarriage of justice for the court to overturn the results of a fair election.

I do not want to set a precedent in this country where any state constituional ballot initiatives can be overturned by a state Supreme Court. It undermines the right to petition to the state, and to put lawfully approve ballot measures before the voters.

Talk about disenfranchising voters? Aren't we talking about the same thing when we turnover state constitutional ballot issues rightly voted on by the majority of voters? The right to ballot and petition the state overrides our hurt feelings or any loser's hurt feelings.

Gays and lesbians picked the wrong fight. The right fight is still with the ballot box, to put our own constitutional measure on the ballot overturning gay marriage bans, and making our case before the people once again.

I'm getting tired of gay movement acting like babies all the time. The Supreme Court should not be our mama who comes to our rescue every time we screw up. We lost this fight fair and square.

There will be other days to fight again - the right way.