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The Bad News Bear

If you picked up the paper or read the Internet today you got a hogwash AP story about the recession.

The hogwash part was that Reagan had the worst recession in 1981 - 1982. What they didn't tell you was that Jimmy Carter started the recession during his term 1979 to 1980 where we not only had unemployment but also inflation.

AP also erroneously reports that "Obama is dishing up hope". Huh? Where? Obama has picked up where Bill Clinton left off, a presidency that is in perpetual campaign mode.

Reagan and FDR both had inspiring words for the American people and the country during their economic crisis. NEITHER president lived in the past and blamed the previous administration when they took over the presidency. President Obama is on constant election mode, acting like nobody told him he won the election.

Wall Street may pick up a little despite Obama's thumb-nosing to big business and prosperity.

Hell, even a ball bounces once in awhile.

"Manchurian Candidate" Starts War on Business