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Our Weak President

Sorry guys, but I have to go mean-spirited once more and say that it's my impression that Obama is a weak president.

Democrats mostly believe in the socialist model for government, that government can cure all social, economic, and business ills. President Obama is no different from his radical colleagues in the US House and Senate.

Obama might set the agenda but Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader of the Senate Harry Reid are running the show. If the Democrats want to push anything, and I mean anything, Obama will not stand in the way or object, even if he would disagree in private with their ways.

Our future will saddle our children and grandchildren with debt burden not on a George W Bush scale but double and triple that administration. The growth of our current rate of federal debt will eventually be unsustainable.

We, America and Americans, will come to a time where we will say to our federal government: "do not buy things you cannot afford". And that will include health care and education.

Obama is supposed to be a smart guy. Obama should know what I just said above. If he does know it, the only conclusion I can come to is that he's a weak president who cannot steer his own party and his own country from the edge of economic calamity.