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A - I - G

Protesters visit AIG officials' lavish Connecticut homes.

The press puts the bus tour protestor numbers at 40. And the article readily admits that the protestor-to-reporter ratio was 2-to-1. You think there would be more buses of people, after all everybody is angry.

Maybe not as angry as the Democrats and the press think. Sure, many people think that nobody at AIG should get any bonuses. But we do have a system in America that honors contracts, whether we think they deserve them or not. And we are finding out that at least the Fed knew these contracts were there since last October, and definitely Congress knew they were there by allowing the drawn contracts honored before February 2009.

I think people are angrier at Congress than AIG.

Yes, 73 employees are getting $1 million or more, but Congress' proposal would have taxed anything above $250,000 at 90 percent. The US Senate is unlikely to make their tax proposal that high.

We got Congress running AIG, dominated by Democrats. We trusted them with hurricane Katrina recovery, veteran's hospitals, urban renewal, and public education and changing the world's food basket into fuel for our cars. Democrats: you will never ever find a bigger group of people that knows everything and delivers nothing but bad results.

As people are saying more often, liberalism always does the opposite of its intended goals. Good luck, AIG. Good luck, America.