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Left Wingnuts!

Another Left Wing Democraut protest: This time at UNC Chapel Hill where former congressman Tom Tancredo was giving a speech against illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition benefits.

Of course the delusional mob chanted "There's no debate, no space for hate" while pushing with campus police and breaking a window.

These left-wingnuts are the first to shudder when their free speech rights are violated but start right away with their fascist rantings and interruptions, cutting off debate of the important issues of the day. They themselves even say there's "no debate".

Of course if you disagree with them in their confined world of No Debates, you are automatically a hate-monger. We all suppose to drop our "hate" - and replace with their form of HATE, and not have a debate about anything? No way.

The Left Wingnuts in the Democrat Party are trying to shut down free speech and debate in our country. You must be a hate monger if you disagree with the Democrat Party - after all they are the party of peace, love, and macaroons.