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God Bless President Obama!

I went to the Cleveland Tea Party Rally downtown tonight and it was great. A local TV station puts the crowd at 2000. I did take pictures and video and will post them in the next couple of days.

BTW - I know some people are hearing these are anti-government rallies. In one low respect, they are correct. They are anti-government-doing-the-same-old-business-all-the-time rallies. Finding ways to nickel and dime us in taxes, even when we vote NO for those taxes. Government spending like we have a credit card where infinity and beyond is the credit limit.

Both parties are to blame for not keeping their eye on the deficit. Thank God we have President Obama who put took government deficit spending from being Wimpy to being a Shop-aholic on Steroids. If it wasn't for Obama's economic stimulus plans, the frog would have boiled slowly in the water instead of realizing it's scolding hot and in trouble.