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CNN reporter tries to start a fight at Tea Party:

National news media has been watered down to nothing but a PR firm for the Democrat Party. Notice how "offended" it is to call Obama a Fascist today, but it was OK to call and carry signs calling Bush a Fascist for the past eight years.  It's called the First Amendment, Ms Susan Roesgen.  The spicket of free speech does not turn off just because it's your turn to be offended. 


You might be the only one that hasn't heard Susan Boyle sing yet from the British version of Britain's Got Talent.  Almost 20 million hits on YouTube so far.  An unassuming 47-year old woman singing this song from Les Miserables.  One of those few magic moments where vocals meets song.

YouTube blocked embedding for this video - so you have to click here to take a hearing.