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My above subject title reminds me of the Judy Collins song Send In The Clowns, epsecially the line "don't bother they're here".

I think most Democrat leaders and President Obama are quietly saying that about their followers. Why waste energy turning people into left-wing Democrat automotons? Don't bother, they're here.

Case in point: the recent debate about US "torture" techniques against suspected terrorists from Iraq and Afghanistan. I deliberately put "torture" in quotes for a reason.

I'm going to ask some questions automoton Democrats and President Obama followers cannot answer.

Democrats took over Congress in 2007. Why didn't they pass legislation to overturn or to stop torture, or stop waterboarding for that matter? Democrats had the votes. They still have the votes. They certainly knew what was going on. Congressional Democrats can even write a law against it now if they wanted. They can write a massive 750-page $1.5 trillion stimulus and rescue package but they don't know how to legally and concisely define torture?

Nancy Pelosi knew waterboarding existed clear back in 2002, at least. The Democrat party let this practice go on for 6 more years, even after the 2006 election, for hundreds of times.

You automotons act like Democrats are out of loop of classified information. As a minority and a majority in Congress, Democrats have been on Intelligent Committees, both open-session and closed-door secret sessions with administration and military officials. Did you ever wonder at all why Democrats are playing dumb when they are informed or can be easily informed?

It reminds me of the Iraq War debate. Dems don't like the war, too many casualties, the war is lost. Were any of them sucessful of bringing this end of the war to a vote? They complained enough, used it for a their campaigns. Looks like the USA is still going to be in Iraq until the end of 2010, and beyond.

We need to talk about issues in this country from gay marriage to what happens to our country when it hits the $10 trillion federal debt mark in a couple years.

But we cannot have these debates with a Democrat because the most people get from the Democrat automotons is "Oh don't be upset because you fall into this category" or some other unintelligent dung - and not a word about what any concerned person is talking about.

Democrat automotons have a lack of natural curiousity about the current events around them. And their lazy attitude about current events is equally harmful and destructive to the United States of America.

That's why I don't hang around gay Democrats anymore. People like a challenges and I can't stand close to the one-rhetorical-sentence-fits-all Democrats.

Curious people do not savour dueling with unarmed opponents.