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Our March To Socialism!

Brought to you by The Democrat Party USA.
For cradle-to-grave insurance we cannot possibly afford.
But what the hell do you care. You'll be long dead by the time the bill comes due.

Charges Seen as Unlikely for Bush Lawyers Over Interrogations
However - Obama is to ask that state bar associations consider possible disciplinary action, including reprimands or even disbarment.
Why does the word a**hole keep popping in my mind when it comes to Democrats?

Democrat Oregon Gov: Americans need to 'scale back their consumerism' because it is harming the environment.
"Don't do what we do, do what we say." You first Gov, you first!

Parts of Obama's green energy plan faces opposition - by environmentalists!
You read that correctly.   Why anybody listens to an environmentalist, I haven't a clue.

Obama Democrats Accent Bullying Over Governing

You don't say, Sherlock!

For political comedians, the joke's NOT on Obama: Conservatives see switch to "hero worship".
Birds of a feather flock together - hopefully into a jet turbine.