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The Hubble telescope high above Earth's atmosphere so it views into the edge of the galaxy is going to get a much needed maintenance to help extend its life into 2014. With the space shuttle progarm going to the scrap-heap of history soon, this will probably our last chance to fix the telescope.

Launched in 1990, Hubble was probably the last time we took on a big technological project outside of sending unmanned probes to Mars. The launch of the Hubble telecsope marked the beggining of the end of the USA's technological advances. The void of wonderment about the world around us is slowly being replaced by the USA becoming the world's Welfare Queen.

For the current fiscal year we are in now, the federal government will be borrowing 46 cents for every dollar it spends this year. The fiscal year 2010 budget starting in October is only slightly better, but the deficit will still be above $1 trillion as it will be for 2009.

We haven't even touched universal healthcare, universal college education, and universal climate crisis cap-and-tax proposals - all of which is not going to be cheap, I don't care what any liberal Democrat says.

The really bad part is that we, the once great USA, is expecting the rest of the world to pick up our tab for our welfare state. China, Japan, and the Arabians hold most of our bond debt, and we are asking them to take on more at the rate of 4 times of the George W Bush administration.

Now, if the federal deficits were so horrible at $350 billion per year, then why are they so great to have at $1.2 trillion a year?

AND do really honestly truly believe the world is going to pick up our tab forever to pay for our new socialist welfare state?

Right now, the world economy is all in the same boat. But if any country like China or Japan or Saudi Arabia thinks they don't need to buy US treasury bonds anymore, all bets are off.