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Calling All ObamAutomotons!

I'm a little bit confused by the Obama-driven bankruptcy of Chrysler.  As more and more news comes out about franchises on the block we hear of more and more dealers who are the top-selling Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge dealers in their region or state being driven to financial ruin thanks to the Obama-led government control of Chrysler.

If these dealers are your best, why are you getting rid of them?  You want to keep people who know how to sell your cars, right?  Don't you want successful dealers who sell your cars to prosper?  Why not get rid to bottom selling dealers, or more than that, the dealers that are doing poorly in selling, get rid of them first?

Even Barack Obama automatons will have to admit there is NO formula for choosing which Chrysler dealership stays open or closed.  In fact, it seems the more successful you ar the more likely you are to be canned.

I KNOW ASKING BARACK OBAMA SUPPORTERS TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING IS BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE SINCE THEY ABDICATED THEIR RIGHTS TO DER MESSIAH.  But I still don't see the logic in punishing prosperous dealers.  So if you have an answer Obamautomatons - and we know you don't - but if you do, please reply.

Caveat for the rest ot us - if Obama has this much respect for prosperous dealers, just imagine what he has for you, the person that pays his house payment and his credit card payments on time; the person that has to work for a living, plays by the rules, while others seek the hammock of public largess.

Obama and the liberal Democrats ran on the theme TO SERVE MAN.   They never did tell you that it was a cook book.