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Can We Talk?

It looks like the healthcare bills from Congress won't get a vote until after their summer recess. GOOD!

Notice how everything the Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress is a rush. They don't even have time to read the 1,000-page bills they write - they are in that much of a hurry.

We rushed on TARP funds, the stimulus package, takeover of GM and Chrysler. The rush jobs proved that we didn't have to rush into them without debate.

Obama keeps complaining about the Republicans blocking legislation. Only stupid Obama voters would accept that the Republicans are blocking legislation.

Democrats have a 257 to 178 advantage in the US House of Representatives. Democrats also have a 60 to 40 filibuster-proof advantage in the US Senate. How can the Republicans kill legislation?

The Democrat's fight is not with the Republican Party - it's with the American people. As more people find out about what is in these bills the more distasteful they become.

Maybe we can have a real debate about healthcare insurance instead of having something shoved down our throats by the didtators in the Democrat party - again.


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Aug. 1st, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
hear hear - I wage an anti-idiot war daily here in the south of Ohio, and can't figure out why folks are convinced those big bad GOP are trashing everybody's chances - I shall remember to quote the numbers at them.

God I hate this administration.
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