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The B.S. about the Health Care Debate!

The Barbra Streisand about the debate is that Republicans do not have the power to stop the takeover of 1/6th of our economy by the Democrats and the federal government.

CURRENTLY, there are 256 Democrats and 178 Republicans in the US House of Representatives; and 58 Democrats, 40 Republicans, and 2 Independents (who aligned themselves with the Democrats, bringing the Democrat caucus to 60 members) in the US Senate.

Did you ever ask yourself: Why is it that Democrats want you to forget these numbers?

The number of Blue-Dog Democrats (Democrats with some conservative issues like anti-abortion, pro-gun rights, anti-gay marriage) in the US House is around 52 members. Republicans could form an alliance with the Blue Dogs and stop or better yet reform the health care plan to make so it actually targets people who don't have healthcare insurance instead of putting a bulls-eye on everybody's back - but such an alliance is unlikely.

Democrats are determined to have government control of healthcare. Do not say that it is "not a takeover". The Democrats are making the rules. They are creating the new bureaucracies that will oversee the new healthcare system. Everybody will have to live by their rules.

The Democrats will be creating new dependents for the government so you dare not vote against a Democrat and lose your new-found entitlement.