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Wait Watchers

I know I haven't talk too much on LJ lately. I guess the whole Internet keep-in-touch thing is running its course with me. It could be the subject matter also. I'm stuck between talking about my weight and diabetes, personal debt, and of course Obama and the Democrats.

Everybody probably knows how I feel about Obama and the Democrats, and according to the polls about half the country feels the same way, so that might be a topic for later.

Personal debt: I learned alot since I stopped the debt reduction program I was on, more than while I was on it. Finances are still not in the pink, but they are alot better than two years ago. Paying off closed credit cards one at at time. Another one should bite the dust this spring.

Trying to save money in a savings account because I don't have credit anymore. Yes, I know bank saving accounts are stupid but I wanted something readily available for emergencies. Right now, they better be small emergencies because that savings account is a slow build.

I don't have to worry about getting LifeLock for myself - my credit rating is so low nobody can get credit in my name! Actually, the low credit rating is a Godsend for now, showing me people can exist without a credit card - and paying the bank $100's of dollars in interest each month is like money up in smoke.

My weight is another thing. I balloned to my previous weight I lost about 5 years ago. I did not gain all that weight back but I was 10 pounds close. My doctor keeps testing me A1C for diabetes which has been going above 6% and rising, along with my blood pressure and cholesterol. And I am taking drugs for all the above.

So, I'm trying again - Weight Watchers - online. Signed up and paid for 3-months (required when you first join online) - $57, not too bad. I have been through the program once so I'm not unfamiliar with it, and I can keep track of points online, at home or at work. Only been on it for two weeks and I lost 14 pounds. Of course that rate of loss will slow down once my body figures out the McDonald's Angus burgers aren't coming anymore.

Yes, I still have french fries once or twice a week but it's the only small order since it's the only one that will fit into my diet (5 points for a small order of fries!). I usually order grilled chicken Southwestern salad with dressing (9 points for those online). Sticking to the healthier foods for the most part. Finding diet breads and tortillas in low-carb.

I hate to admit it but I did watch OPRAH this past week. Only one show - about diabetes. Type 1 is mostly inherited, lack of insulin (generally speaking). Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is one of the celebs that has it.

Type 2 is basically our own fault, not eating right, not exercising.

Definitely diabetes is a silent killer. Dr Oz explained how diabetes works in the body. It's mostly a scraping mechanism that wrecks havoc on your veins and arteries, and thus your organs.

Coincidently, while channel surfing, I saw one of the actors from 30 ROCK on the Larry King talking about his diabetes, how he has to go for dialysis three times a week - and how he needs a kidney transplant.

My next blood test should be in April. Hopefully there will be some improvement.


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Feb. 6th, 2010 05:58 pm (UTC)
You could probably share it with friends during the Super Bowl, that way you won't have to eat the whole thing.

I think pizza would be OK once in awhile, but not every day or week. I'm trying to avoid it because of the fat, calories, salt, and white pizza dough involved (sounds worse when I say write it!)
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