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Break a leg - I mean foot!

Haven't been on LiveJournal for awhile. Mostly bummered out...

Broke my 5th metatarsal in my left foot about 6 weeks ago. Been learning how to walk with crutches - but I eventually gave that up. I'm renting what is called a knee walker. The problem was finding a knee walker that could stand up to my wieght (>300 pounds). I finally found one on the Internet!

Knee walkers, as almost any medical equipment, is quite expensive so I'm renting this walker by the week.

My foot wasn't healing good and I'm borderline diabetic, so my podiatrist suggested using the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System which is just a small device that shoots ultrasound to the affected bone in order ot heal it. Luckily my med insurance is paying for it. ($3000 for the Exogen they tell me - with a 3-month supply of ultrasound gel) but it has to be cheaper than surgery.

So far, so good. I am having some troubles though.

I drive a stick shift, but for the past four weeks I rented a car with automatic so I wouldn't have to shift with my bad left foot (clutch is on the left side). Well, my foot healed a little bit but I have to wear my Aircast for another two weeks - and stay off of it still.

But since I ran out of rental money, I had to revert back to the old stick shift. I hope it does not effect the healing of my foot. I'm not too optimistic though. Trying to limit driving, but I still have to work for a living, do laundry, shop for food, etc.

So I'm having fun.

I do updates once in awhile on mt TWITTER account if you want to keep up:

Have a good weekend! :-)