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Living in the 21st Century

Decided to write an entry in my LiveJournal.  Sorry for the long delay but I have been bitten by the Facebook and Twitter bug!  I guess it's better than getting bit by the botfly!

I finally did get my cast off my broken foot.  It took all summer to heal!  Hey, it was my first broken foot - give me a break!  Or something else, please.  Returned my knee walker back to company long ago, but I still have a few people calling me Scooter.  Cost me a little money since I rented a car with automatic transmission; that was expensive!  But now I know I'm not going to get a stick shift as I grow older, no matter how much I like them or how much economic they are.

Slowly getting working into the big elections coming up in a few weeks.  I'm not as active as I have been in the past.  My feet and my knees are not the same as they use to be.

My Weight Watchers is on hold again but I shall try to reboot the program once again.  I could lose another 30 or 50 pounds, or more.

Not having too much luck using LiveJournal with Twitter or Facebook.  Yet.  Not having any luck at all using my cellphone to log into Livejournal.  I get the m.livejournal.com/ page on my little cellphone browser but it refuses to log me in.   However, I think I did the cross notification OK - when I log an entry it will post it on my Twiiter and Facebook page.  I'm going to try it with this entry, so I guess I'll find out soon.

Might change my cellphone anyhow to an LG Rumor 2 by Virgin Mobile next month.  Very basic message phone, with a QWERTY keyboard which I need.  Plus it's only $25/month (after you buy the phone).  Getting rid of Vonage to make up for extra expense.  :-)

Wish me luck on this Facebook-Twiiter-Livejournal hybrid.  Hopefully you can keep up with me better - if you want to?  TTYL.


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Oct. 17th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
My posting to Facebook and Twitter did work BUT - I also have it set up that any posting on my Twitter will show up on my Facebook page as well. So there will be two entries showing I have an LJ posting, BUT the Facebook posting will have more detail than Twitter.

Hey what do you want? It's Twitter!
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