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Media Matters last December launched its spin-off website, Equality Matters. EM works the same way as Media Matters, even gets funded the same way (through George Soros), but it emphasizes alleged gay discrimination.

It has been a little more than a month that Equality Matters went live and EM has already launched their first salvo against gays – and yes, I do mean gays.  EM objects to Andrew Breitbart being on an advisory board of GOProud, a gay conservative organization.

According to Equality Matters, there’s a whole list of reasons why Breitbart should not be on any gay panel.  My reaction: Up yours Equality Matters!  It’s none of your business.  Period.

Equality Matters and other like-minded gay blogs like to attack Republicans for, in their views, being anti-gay but these same people have no problem whatsoever attacking another gay person or group that doesn’t fit into their one-size-fits-all politics.

What’s the difference between Equality Matters and the “gay-bashers” they like to attack?  Nothing.  Bigotry is always cut from the same cloth whether it’s by gay-bashers or Equality Matters. The people who say they are for “tolerance” and “diversity” and are “against discrimination” are usually the ones least likely to practice tolerance and diversity themselves, especially tolerance and diversity of opinion.

Equality Matters co-founder Richard Socarides hopes that Log Cabin Republicans will join them in EM’s fight against discrimination. Blogs like Equality Matters do not fight against discrimination. They fight to see who can be the biggest asshole on the blogosphere.