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The new SKINS on MTV is a far cry from the British series of the same name. The kids on the British series did get into trouble and party, much of the time without thinking about. Even with their foibles there was a certain vulnerability that came with the British characters who eventually found themselves through their trials and tribulations.

The American SKINS kids are just annoying by anybody’s standards. No compass, yet a moral compass, gets them through the day. Living for the moment. You don’t get a sense that they have senses. The adults were slightly reliable in the British series; in the American version there just clowns on the same set.

So if you don’t like MTV’s SKINS, you have good senses.

The British version of SKINS, all three seasons, is available on DVD in America and also available for online viewing on NETFLIX.  Watch the British version and you’ll see which version is better.