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My tweets

  • Sun, 18:28: Put your hand over your heart when they play our national anthem, Australians. We protected you during WWII when the Indians bombed Perth!
  • Sun, 18:34: It's about time we had the kickoff! I wasn't getting younger you know!
  • Sun, 19:03: I'm also texting in the VIP lounge, just like John Madden. Cameron Diaz keeps stealing my Doritos and giving them to A-Rod. :-(
  • Sun, 19:50: Clay Matthews Kept his good looks after all these years. I remember when he use to play for the Cleveland Browns long ago.
  • Sun, 20:06: Black Eyed Peas only reminds me of one thing: Have you been eating all your vegetables? (Michelle would want it that way.)
  • Sun, 20:24: The big question for the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight: Will they be able to find their car keys after the game tonight?
  • Sun, 21:01: Light crowd at Whisker's Pub tonight. Free food though!