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The long knives are out for Rupert Murdock and his News Corporation empire.  The liberal press is having a field day knowing that this will eventually hurt FOX and the Fox News empire, although there is no proof that such shenanigans was done by their US operations.  It's News Corps own fault for getting into this mess - if your enemies have a gun pointing at you don't give them ammunition to shoot at you!

With that said, I know the liberal Democrat party and their mindless minions in the news media are cherishing the day when Fox News shuts down and all we hear are the great things the Democrats are doing for us (instead of hearing what the Democrats are doing to us).  The absence of a conservative or middle-of-the-road press will not be able to hide the manure stench that comes from the Democrat party and their mindless minions in the news media.

With endless FBI corruption investigations and prosecutions here in Cleveland Ohio involving the Democrat Party - to the federal debt and spending crisis in Washington DC - Democrats have proved time and time again that they are unfit for running any level of government.  Their main focus is on themselves, their own egos, their own power.  Power is suppose to be reserved to the people - not to the Democrat Party.

Democrats do not understand that.  They work for us - we do not work for them.  We do not live to worship them.  Make sure Democrats get this message in 2011 and 2012.