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Мои твиты

  • Пт, 13:11: President Obama is doing everything he can to add jobs - government jobs. We need to add private sector jobs to grow the economy!!
  • Пт, 15:36: WTAM 1100 Cybervote - How will you vote on Issue 2? (Scroll down, left side) #YesOn2 http://t.co/epdSB1G1
  • Пт, 19:23: I'm too pooped out. Staying home tonight. It's a bitch getting old!
  • Пт, 19:29: New movie out this weekend: HAROLD & KUMAR VOTE FOR ISSUE 2 AND 3 - IN 3D. Well OK, maybe they won't - but Ohioans should vote for 2 & 3!