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Мои твиты

  • Сб, 09:10: I think this capitalist pig will be eating at McDonald's this morning. #OccupyCleveland #OccupyMcMuffin
  • Сб, 09:26: 50 days until you know what! You know, that holiday I can't mention cause it's too early to mention Christmas.
  • Сб, 10:52: Andy Rooney, "60 Minutes" commentator died Friday night in a hospital following complications with surgery. He was 92. http://t.co/R0MNaiI4
  • Сб, 12:14: GOP candidates Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich engage in a 90 minute 'Lincoln-Douglas' style debate TONIGHT, C-SPAN 8pm ET http://t.co/Cq2JB4ns
  • Сб, 12:55: Ohio State is tied 10 - 10? How did this happen? ;-)
  • Сб, 16:33: FALL BACK tonight. You get one extra hour to party tonight - but only one! AND We take it back in the spring. Indian-givers.
  • Сб, 18:33: #MTV had a sympathetic "true life" take on the Occupy Wall Street gang. I guess I missed their sympathetic take on the TEA Party. Darn it!