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Мои твиты

  • Вт, 15:32: 4 hours left to vote! Where are you??
  • Вт, 21:21: I'll never vote for another school levy or city tax, ever! "Grandma" and the "children" have to starve at the expense of public workers.
  • Вт, 21:24: On the other hand, Issue 3, the anti-Obamacare Ohio Amendment is passing! Unions were so busy defeating Issue 2, they forsaked their Obama.
  • Вт, 21:30: #Obama administration will impose a 15-cent surcharge on #Christmas trees in order to promote - Christmas trees!! http://t.co/0RGHJnj9
  • Вт, 22:23: Dumbasses keep voting #Democrat for Parma city council - then they have the nerve to wonder why sewage keeps backing up in their basements!
  • Вт, 23:20: What a trip! Time-lapse video captures 12,225-mile, 32-state road journey across America... in just FIVE minutes! http://t.co/3b7ZqD7J
  • Ср, 06:33: Today's fact of the morning: 46 days until Christmas!
  • Ср, 07:10: Tired, sore, and cannot sleep this morning. Might as well have breakfast from a major corporation. #OccupyMcDonalds #SupportCapitalism
  • Ср, 07:27: Of course the charges against Herman Cain are not being taking seriously! You Dems lowered the bar on Bill Clinton, now you want it raised?
  • Ср, 09:36: I wish #GLAAD & the rest of our gay community would stop acting like "fags" every time somebody says something stupid. http://t.co/UqGGMXht